The Leading Lady: Going Big in Modeling and Acting with Elaina Guidry

One night I was scrolling through my social media pages, as is the norm for all of us these days. As a matter of fact, if you aren’t scrolling through your social media pages or you don’t have social media pages at all, the rest of us want to know what in the world are you really doing with your life? At any rate, scrolling through my social media timelines one night, I came across this very alarming video. There was a young lady crying in a video and I couldn’t scroll by without seeing if she was okay. With the times we are in today I didn’t want to be insensitive and scroll by without addressing the concern I had. Read more dirt…

More Life – Living Life to the Fullest with Model & Mortician Jazmin

There are a few things life has taught me that I would have never embraced when I was younger. First thing it has taught me is, to never say never! It’s when we open our mouths to confidently say what we’d never do that we find ourselves doing the exact things we said we’d never do. Life has always had this funny way of working things out that way, so never say never!

Second thing life has taught me is, keep an open mind and inquire because you never know where time, chance, and an openness to experiment and learn will take you. Continue reading “More Life – Living Life to the Fullest with Model & Mortician Jazmin”