Las Vegas born, Houston raised, singer, songwriter and producer Kiara Craft, is a blend of neon lights and southern charm. Raised in the Bayou City of Houston Texas, Kiara’s sultry voice, and soulful melodies are reminiscent of classic rhythm and blues, with a modern Pop vibe on top of Hip Hop-laced trap beats.

In May of 2016, she independently released ‘A Rumor About Love’, an album she co-wrote and produced with her production team, The Collective. Rumor takes you on a journey with Kiara through her adventures of love, life and sexual evolution while showcasing her vocal range, depth and raw lyrics. Kiara is currently on the road promoting and performing A Rumor About Love and working on her highly anticipated follow-up due out later this year!



A Rumor About Love – 2016

A Rumor About Love | BDYHAX CON Edition – 2017








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