E. West

E. West began his career at about the age of 12 as an entertainer performing on stage as a background dancer for a local rap group. This was at a time where he wasn’t quite able to rap just yet but was consistently writing rhymes. He would eventually get his time to shine and was encouraged to get a group of his own.

He would go on to join a few other rap groups and learn the all too important lesson that no matter how well you connect with some people, they won’t always have the same drive as you. It was after experiencing this lesson too often and at the counsel of his mother, the solo artist E. West was born.

West is an unconventional and masterful writer and performer suitable for having unparalleled influence on today’s rap and hip-hop industry. With over 18 years of experience writing, recording and performing; there is a level of maturity found in his music, performance and approach to the business that is compared to many of today’s top lyricists and performers. E. West is quickly becoming one of the most desired artists to be heard, seen and worked with.


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