Drty Talk With Marc Bishop

Name: Marc Bishop Where You Representing: I represent Chattanooga and Atlanta.  Born and raised in Chattanooga and been living in Atlanta for about 11 years. How Did You Get Into Rap/Music: Rap music was always around me because of my older brothers and cousins. One of the albums that made me wanna take rap more seriously was “It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot by DMX”.  Before … Continue reading Drty Talk With Marc Bishop

Drty Ones Spotlight with Sha Davis

Name? Sha Davis. What do you do & what inspires you to do it?  I am a writer/creator in Houston, Tx.  I am inspired by the interconnections between human beings, which leads me to write music that reflects that.  How do you define success?  Feeling joy and being able to financially support myself with the things that bring that feeling to me the most. What … Continue reading Drty Ones Spotlight with Sha Davis