DRTY ONE$™ Entertainment is a multifaceted & unique enterprise. We are here to serve and are very strategic in our business relationships and focused on the long-term and well-being of our clients, company and community.

Entertainers & Artists
Our services include talent and brand development, representation, management, booking and consulting. It is simply our goal to help our clients take their talent, brand, and vision to the highest level while maintaining a fulfilling and lasting career.

Talent Buyers & Promoters
Our client roster is filled with dynamic and original artists and performers who are eager to create a one of a kind experience for your event and attendees. Our clients cover various domains of the arts and entertainment so whatever your event, we believe we can meet your entertainment needs.

DRTY ONE$™ Blogazine offers an unconventional spin on interviews and inspiration for aspiring talents, entertainers, creatives, artists and more. We purpose to impact the world and spotlight the culture through our endeavors and we invite you to come experience the hard work, dedication, motivation, support, & positive community with us.

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