New Music Release: Show Off by Oh.Tae

San Antonio artist Oh.Tae releases her latest single Show Off and it brings vibes worthy of fan obsession and global attention.

We get a lot of music here at and it all has a very common sound, but Show Off caught us off guard for itis not common at all. It’s musically daring and more refreshing than we expected and that made us want more!

Oh.Tae did what most artists are afraid to do these days and that is go against the grain. The uptempo Show Off stimulates your inner party swank and brings out the bounce in your shoulders and nod in your head.

The artist confidently spits her lyrics with cadence that compliments the track’s enthusiastic rhythm. With lyrics like, “I don’t show off I just show up and don’t give a f*ck,” Oh.Tae makes it known she’s not to be played with. Yet, she still finds a way to keep things humorous with the lyric, “Yea you heard what I said, why you gotta lie Craig.”

Considering her previous works and what we’ve heard with Show Off, we believe Oh.Tae is going to be bringing more flavor to the table in the near future.

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