Kairo’s “Love Letters From Houston” Delivers Strong on Stage

Pop/R&B duo KAIRO stopped by Houston’s White Oak Music Hall and presented their debut EP release show “Love Letters From Houston” to a sold out crowd! Though the identical twin brothers Ej and Ak now live in Los Angeles, where they attend college, it’s not hard to tell that Houston is still in their hearts and judging by the sold out crowd they are still in the hearts of Houstonians as well!

The night’s show in short was one to remember, one you definitely had to be there to experience for yourself. Upon entering the venue you could feel the celebratory and highly exciting energy from concert goers. Family, friends, and fans all blended in as one as anticipation for the show’s start began to grow. We asked the brothers their mindset going into the show and their mission was to be confident in the work they put into the show and give us a show we’ll never forget!

Kairo entered the stage to a room filled with screams of various pitches and applause loud enough to rock your body. As they greeted the crowd they were humbly amazed at the love they received, but effortlessly moved into the night’s performance with introductory track, Brokenhearted. Brokenhearted was the perfect song to give the duo a strong beginning allowing them to display their smooth yet powerful vocals and demand the crowd’s attention.

As Ej and Ak moved through their setlist, they featured songs both from their current EP release Love Letters from Houston and others from their second EP to be released later this year. The brothers displayed great showmanship as they played off each other’s energy, exchanging vocal and instrumentation duties throughout their performance.

KAIRO Performing Brokenhearted White Oak Music Hall

We were pleased that the group’s live stage performance was as solid as their Love Letters EP. It’s a concert goers greatest wish to have an artist be able to display the same vocal energy and ability onstage as they did in the studio. Kairo did not disappoint in this area. The perfect display of vocals and harmonies were when the duo performed Someone Like You, to acoustic strings and the crowd as backup, singing along gladly and proudly.

As Kairo wrapped up All For You, which seemed to be their last song of the night, their energy was still high and the crowd wanted more. As the brothers left the stage, the crowd began to chant, Encore! Encore!

The crowd wouldn’t let up on their request for more and Kairo was happy to oblige. Returning for two more selections to quench the crowd’s thirst for more, the group formerly known as Coverboys were true to their words of giving us a show we’ll never forget. Although they don’t have any other show dates to announce at this time, they may have to reconsider and at the least return to Houston sooner than later!



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