LWIS’ Artistic Expressions Are Endless and Limitless

Tell us a little bit about your history with the arts, music and how you became an artist.

I started getting into art at seven years old. In a weird way, everything I saw in front of me was a piece of art. Whether it be looking at the school bus on my way to school or watching anyone perform in front of that tv screen. That was my escape from reality. I was glued to anything that had to do with artistic expression. Very soon it became a passion of mine. As far as musically, I started composing and writing songs/poems at the age of 12. 

Is LWIS an abbreviated spelling of your name or initials to another meaning?

Great question! I don’t have neither my mother or father’s last name. For whatever reason, I was given my grandfather’s last name, who actually isn’t my biological grandfather. Despite of that, he was a prominent male figure in my life since I was born. He used to make me watch Bruce Lee films and wrestling a lot lol. But he showed me what being a real man was when it came to structure and that’s how I play out 90% of my moves within the industry. I chose to carry on that name as an artist but abbreviated it by removing the E from my last name, so it’s “LWÎS”. 

When writing and producing music, or any art, where does your inspiration come from?

Inspiration comes from anywhere. I could be having a conversation with someone on a JetBlue flight, or at the 7-eleven at 12a.m. talking to someone who needs a dollar to feed themselves. Everything around me leaves me feeling inspired because I let life do all of the dictating when it comes to where I want to go with my expression artistically. Lately, 2Pac has been on my mind heavily. He didn’t waste words. He didn’t waste his expression. And that’s the point that I am at right now. How to let the listener know that whatever I am offering with my songs is what can be seen in real life.

Which do you love better, creating for others, creating for yourself, or do you love them about the same and why?

I love creating for myself more than for other artists. Simply because, there’s limitations on what you can truly do artistically if you are thinking about creating for someone else’s vision. A lot of people get their start from writing with/for other mainstream artists, but I’m better than 99.9% of the artists you guys may listen to right now. Not in a cocky way, but I also don’t believe in being humble about your gift. Just stating the truth by what I see is currently out here. 

Talk a bit about the project Blossom, how did the idea come about and how long was it in the making?

I started recording it at the end of 2019. However, the pandemic hit February/March. Unfortunately, that put a stand-still on things. I picked back up by the end of 2020. I was in full steam April 2021 and wanted to make sure I had Blossom 1 completed and ready to go before first quarter of 2022. Now we are here! Ready to apply more pressure with Blossom 2 due to popular demand! It’s exciting and I’m ready for it! 

Where do you hope this train takes you? What do you hope to accomplish with Blossom and your art overall?

Overall, I want to raise the bar for that young’n who always knew that he was beyond his circumstances & his capabilities are endless as a creative. Don’t get trapped in a box due to peer pressure. When you listen to my music, I give you the pitfalls, I give you the details of envy, the despise that people have against someone who dares to live out their dream and go for it no matter what! You only have one life, so if I inspire one person, I did my job. All clichés are true, And this was definitely one of them lol.                                                  

Blossom 2  #ForTheLord 🤴🏽👸🏽on the way!


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