SPGBK Watches Reimagines Wristwear

Portable timepieces have been around for many, many years. The primary function of the timepiece, of course, is timekeeping. Though it’s primary function is to provide what time of day it is, in any given moment, the wristwatch has become a must-have fashion staple for many of us in culture. Some watches have even become well sought after collectibles.

Wristwatches have seen great evolution and have great history, but for many of us the aesthetic appeal and glamorous design has and will always be one of the top reasons for purchase and wear.

SPGBK Watches, a designer watch company based out of North Carolina, was launched by childhood friends who attended school together from pre-school to college. SPGBK (pronounced Springbreak) wanted to challenge the narrative of our culture glorifying expensive watches. They’re bringing beautiful and vibrant energy to wrists across the world. Their colorful watches are both high quality and affordable for consumers.

SPGBK has recently released it’s Pastel Collection. Get a look at their new drizzle here!

© 2022 The Drty Ones | Photo Courtesy of SPGBK Watches

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