New Music Release: Conversations by Ramsey Renée

Here at Drty Ones, we’ve had the distinct pleasure to witness the rise and growth of many talents, such as the artist Ramsey Haynes. We take pride in finding rare gems who bring their own unique seasoning to their respective crafts. Ever since our very first time interviewing her in 2018, Ms. Haynes has always been, and we believe will always be a creative standout!

Ramsey Renee, as she’s professionally known today, has released her latest single titled, Conversations and it is pure heat! Produced by Rozart and written by Ramsey, it’s instrumental, lyrics and vocals make for the perfect marriage of a song. A song with groove, unique style, and flavor from beginning to end.

In Conversations, the artist finds herself tired of going through the different phases that most relationships do, she doesn’t feel heard and she’s undeniably at the point of extreme frustration! She sings for her lover to read her body language through her silence and conclude that she’s trying to have a conversation. We asked if this conversation she’s singing about maybe had a cryptic message, a message with romantic tones? And the artist, as all great artists do, left it for the listening audience to form their own opinion of what the song means for them.

Over the years, Ramsey has stayed true to her artistic sound and style, and her quality of songwriting has grown extensively! Conversations reads like a classic disagreement between two lovers at first listen, but eventually it makes you wonder if the singer had more in mind. Though we may never ever know the answer to that, Conversations is well structured to be a timeless piece and definitely worth a listener’s investment!

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