Thank You For Six Years of Drty Ones

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Kinfolk – it’s crazy how time flies! I was putting finishing touches on a few pieces to be released this week here at, I was reminded that today is its 6th year anniversary! When you have your head down getting to it, you forget sometimes to look up and acknowledge how far you’ve come. 


What started out as D$C or Dirty South Club, transitioned into Drty Ones, but the mission has remained the same. You should read here to learn more about that mission and how it came to be. In a nutshell, I’ve always been about giving the up-and-coming an opportunity to shine. I’ve always been an advocate of the up-and-coming or what some would call promising talent. Even today when I discover new talent it still amazes me how various and plenty gifts are in this world.

All greats started at their beginning and the stories of the beginning, the stories of dreams and goals, they all need to be told. The beginning stories aren’t told enough and we still don’t champion one another’s gifts in the beginning enough. Yet, that’ll continue to be the driven purpose for me.

I think when someone or something is dope, it doesn’t matter whether or not there is a great size of popularity. What matters is finding the dope and sharing the dope. That’s why I’ve never been afraid to acknowledge and feature every aspect of creatives. Most publications, blogs, and websites that feature talent generally stick exclusively to music and as much as I love music, there’s so many other facets to creativity that need to be documented and promoted and we’re happy to do it.

I wanted to take this time to thank every member of the Drty Gang, every reader of, clients we’ve worked with, client’s we’ll someday work with, all the kinfolk connected to our social media, people who think what we do is not relevant, haters, you name them — I truly want to thank all of you for taking part in the Drty Ones journey.

We’ve had some good years and some not so good ones, but we still weathered and made it through. I mean, there was one year in particular, we didn’t publish not one new story or anything to the blogazine and our readers still showed up and gave us love! 6 years of anything still being around and operating is no easy feat. Thank goodness we’re still here to serve and you all are still giving us your time and attention. We don’t take it lightly!

Going foward, we’ve got some good things in store for our readers as well as the talent we feature. You’ve got to stick around to get in on that goodness. Still some good shiggity to come kinfolk. We hope you’re around 6+ years to be a part of that as well!

I am the Dirtiest of the Ones — C. Huey. Thanks for coming to my Drty Talk!