Jo Sarah Tackles The Miseducation of Sensual Gratification for Women

Could you just share a little bit about yourself, how you got started in music, instruments you play, etc.?

I’m Jo Sarah, a singer, and producer based in Amsterdam, but I travel a lot and love to collaborate with different producers and musicians from all over the world. I have been inspired by the cultures I grew up in around the world (Indonesia, Bhutan & Bangladesh) and my multicultural roots (Dutch & Surinamese), as well as artists like Sade, Sting, and Jill Scott and genres like Brazilian music, and R&B. 

When I was 5, living in Jakarta, I saw Mariah Carey and Whitney Huston on MTV and I knew right there and then that I wanted to be a singer. Since then, I’ve always prepared to be a singer. I studied piano, dancing, the flute, and music. That led to me studying music at the music conservatory in the Netherlands & Denmark.

Since I didn’t just see myself as a singer but mainly as a musician, I’ve always had a curiosity for instruments, like piano, guitar, ukulele, and different kinds of percussion. It all came together when I learned how to write music and produce it, since I absolutely love creating. That’s where my joy is!

After my conservatory, I released my EP “Citizen of the World” and went on an amazing tour. After that, I traveled back and forth between Brazil and The Netherlands and met a lot of great musicians and producers. I then released four singles and music videos with producers from Brazil, the Netherlands, and musicians from all around the world.

‘Juicy’ is officially the first single of my newest project called ‘UMA’, which will be released later this year. ‘UMA’ – meaning ‘Woman’ in Sranan Tongo (the official language of Surinam) – which will be a compilation of songs about female sexuality, its’ taboos, and her personal experiences on these subjects. 

I can’t wait for the world to hear it, stay tuned!

When did you decide artistically that you wanted to focus on female sexuality in your music?

It was later, 5-6 years ago when I started having more fun with my sexuality and I realized that I was also deserving of experiencing pleasure as a woman, which went against what I had been taught by the world until then. I noticed other women and myself included have experienced too many sexual experiences with no orgasm because of body shame or we are simply forgotten about by men. And that’s not okay. I wanted to change that, and I knew that I could help people with my story.

Because there’s a lack of sexual education on female bodies and sexuality, the effect is a severe orgasm gap between heterosexual women and men, where women don’t enjoy sex as much as men do and this is a problem. When I realized there was a problem – a problem for me, for women around me – it frustrated me so much that I channeled that into my music. There are so many things wrong with what we know and get taught about female sexuality nowadays. I could write albums till I die about it.

The taboo and lack of education as a female on my own pleasure was bewildering to me once I started having more sexual experiences. When I noticed the positive effects on me & my confidence, of experiencing pleasure as a woman, without the blocks of shame while simultaneously increasing my knowledge on my female anatomy, I knew it was time for other women to know that they deserved this too. For the last five years I’ve been talking to both men and women about this subject and it’s been clear that it’s an issue that goes beyond culture, borders, and time. It affects us all! 

How did the idea for Juicy come to life?

It just came to me. I was in the studio, deep in my creative zone, and right before that session, I remember I was researching sq**rting. I imagined the perfect night, with the perfect person, having the perfect orgasm. And I pictured juices coming out and splashing, everything dripping all over and that’s when the song flowed right out of me.

What do you hope to accomplish through your music at this stage in your career?

I hope to help women and inspire people to make sure that women can enjoy sex and their sexuality in a safe and pleasurable way. I really want to break that damn taboo that women are not worthy of pleasure or simply cannot have pleasure.

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