Bradspectacular’s Got A Different Approach to Entertainment

How did you come up with the name Bradspectacular? 

When I started rapping with my friends and everything, I didn’t wear contacts and only wore my glasses, so I started calling myself $pecs with a dollar sign as a joke. That developed into Brad$pecs. Eventually, I decided to get contacts and didn’t want my name to just be associated with me wearing glasses, so I was hanging with my friend rapping one day and he heard me spit a verse and he was like, “Broooo that was crazy,” and without hesitation I said, “Nah brooo that was spectacular.” A light bulb went off in my head and I realized Bradspectacular was going to be my official rap name.

I still go by Brad$pecs and all that as well, but Bradspectacular is definitely the main name now. It is original and no one else has thought of a name like it so all of my social media and email are the same and it makes me easily searchable. Definitely all worked out! 

Give us a little back-story on how you got into rapping. 

My friend got a MPK when I was nineteen and he started making beats for fun and I would go over there and just rap to the beats and record my vocals on my phone, because I didn’t take it seriously like that. Then, I went to acting school and just wrote verses for fun and found beats on YouTube. It wasn’t until I met my friend who was really taking music seriously in NYC that I got my first chance to make a song in a studio and hear myself with a quality beat, mix, and master.

I went and got my graduate degree in acting in North Carolina and met my bandmate Riley (Maxted) who is an extremely talented musician. We created a group called Boro because we lived in Greensboro, NC and went to UNCG together. After that, we had Riley’s friend Prahallad (Hathi Beats) join the group and we started making music together and they encouraged me when the pandemic started to just start dropping my own music.

Now I take it super serious and want to make a career out of it and have dropped three singles so far. I have so many songs in the vault right now. Solo songs and songs with Boro. I can’t wait to release those and have everybody hear how good I’ve gotten and how versatile I really am with this music thing. I’m pumped! 

What were you doing prior to rapping? 

Acting has always been my first love. I started doing it in high school and then got my undergraduate degree in acting at a small school called Davis and Elkins College. After that, I lived in NYC and worked as a professional actor in regional theaters up and down the east coast. I then got my Master of Fine Art in Acting from UNCG, got a film and television agent, and then I started my film and television career soon after. I’ve done a few commercials and television shows and still continue to audition and act.

I started as a theatrical actor on the stage and still love to do theatre, but film and television is what I’m currently more passionate about. Acting and music are my main focuses at this time. I will always have an equal love for both and will continuously pursue them.

What separates Bradspectacular from other rappers in the game? 

I’m not cool. I don’t try to be. I’m goofy as hell and I embrace it! I’m a performer. I’ve been acting for 14 years now, and I am influenced by theatricality, film, art, and all different types of music and genres. I don’t care about designer anything or keeping up with the latest styles and fashions and all that. I want people to look at me and see a real person that is approachable and just wants to make good music and visuals and have fun with all this.

I want to be big and I want people who like my music to be involved in the process. I want to take the idea of what a rapper is and flip it on its head. I want my visuals to be the exact opposite of what you would expect a rap video to be. I don’t want to be cool. I want to be different and that’s just being myself.

Tell us a bit about how your latest single Type of Way came about and how you hooked up with Pigeons and Planes 2022 Artist to Watch BBY Kodie. 

Type Of Way came to be at around 2AM in the morning, when I had just gotten off a late night shift bartending. I met my producer Trust201 through YouTube. I bought a BBY KODIE type beat from him and after hearing what I did on it he sent me his Google Drive folder filled with all his beats and said I could use them for free! I couldn’t sleep so I just decided to scroll through and listen to as many beats as I could.

I landed on the beat for Type Of Way and immediately started rapping the hook. The creative juices started flowing and I wrote the hook and the verse in 20 minutes. I recorded it the next day at my home studio and sent it to Trust and told him I was going to try and get BBY KODIE on it, because I had reached out to Kodie back in October 2020 about doing a song with my band Boro called “Glove.” Kodie did the verse for that song (it’s a banger and you can find it on all streaming platforms and the video on YouTube).

I hit him up about Type Of Way and he responded within 30 minutes. I sent him the song that day and paid him for his feature, because artists deserve to get paid as soon as possible for their work. He sent his verse back along with the dry vocals two days later and I got them to Trust and he immediately started mixing it and my homie from NYC Jake McGuire (BigMakMusik) mastered it for me and it was done by April 2021. I’ve been sitting on it for awhile. I knew it was the right time to drop it now since I had moved to Houston and BBY KODIE was a native and was currently blowing up. So yeah, that’s the story.

I had a great team of people who were on top of everything and BBY KODIE is a real professional. He communicates in a timely manner and gets the work done. Couldn’t ask for more! 

What do you hope people take away from your music and what can we expect from Bradspectacular in the near future?

I just hope people have a good time with my music. I want people to hear the music and see me and go “WHAT THE F*CK?” I want them to be shocked to see this tall, lanky nerd making bangers that they want to play on repeat. I want them turning up with their friends to my music. I want them to laugh at the funny bars and make the stank face at the bars that go hard. I really just want people to enjoy themselves when they listen to me.

You can definitely expect me to work with different artists and producers and make more serious music as well. I have plenty of songs like that in the vault. For now, though, just get to know me and enjoy the music and visuals. Have fun with me while I figure this entertainment industry out because I have no idea what I’m doing. I just throw things at the wall and see what sticks. Basically, just enjoy the ride and expect the unexpected. Who knows what I’ll drop next. I certainly don’t. I’m just going off of instinct and what feels right. I like it that way.

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