Kandi the Goddess Is Living the Words She Writes and Speaks

Photo by @j_alexphotos

In today’s Quickie session, we connect with Kandi the Goddess. The Goddess gave us an opportunity to delve a little bit deeper into her mind and gather her thoughts and approach to the business of Entertainment, her craft and where she’s working to be in the future.

Why do you make music, and do you believe many people will be able to resonate with it and why do you believe they will?

I started off making music as an outlet to talk about what was going on in my life. I wanted to make music for girls who were having similar experiences because I was tired of hearing music I could not relate to. Even though I was inspired by other females in the industry, I just felt that no one had my vibe and the transparency I bring to the table. I feel like other women my age would be able to relate to me because I am actually living the words that I write and speak.

What’s one thing you have learned in the entertainment business that you wish everybody knew and understood?

I wish people understood that making a song is not as easy as writing and reciting. The best music in my opinion has passion behind it and your favorite songs most likely take hours and hours of recording and revisioning. If it were easy everyone would do it. Also, I wish engineers had more credit in helping make a song what it is. Having a great engineer is absolutely essential. 

Where do you want to see your career and craft go in the future?

I would hope to see placements on Billboard one day, whether in front of the scene as an artist, or behind the scenes as an engineer or producer. I would love to work with major artists and possibly be nominated for a Grammy in the future!

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