Houston Entrepreneur & Rapper Lil Keke Becomes An Owner Of Exotic Pop

Entrepreneur and Rapper Don Ke

Entrepreneur and Rapper Lil Keke has recently become an owner of beverage company Exotic Pop. The announcement was made through the entrepreneur’s and the company’s social media pages.

Keke has been a brand ambassador for the company and was officially made an owner in the announcement with being presented shares of the company.

It is refreshing to see companies that are willing to share the wealth with the creatives and artists who help them present their products to the world.

About Exotic Pop
Exotic Pop, is a black-owned beverage company in Houston, TX. Its flavors are exclusive and one of a kind. Some of the flavors include Pina Colada Lemonade, Dj Screw Cotton Candy, and Trill OG Bun B Orange to name a few.

Learn more about and purchase Exotic Pop.

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