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Each year, Drty Ones aims to find new ways to offer our platform as a means to exhibit dope and promising talent and creatives to the world. Our focal point is the talent and creatives who make up the art and entertainment industry. It has always been our goal to discover and feature creatives that have a distinct seasoning with their crafts and each year we continue to find more and more.

In my opinion, there still aren’t enough and will probably never be enough platforms to introduce all the dope talent that’s out here in the world. In this next season of Drty Ones it is our mission to be the go-to platform that continues to exhibit and keep our eyes open for talent, brands and products that are making an impressive impact on culture.

Through our new series titled, “Quickies”, it’s my goal to be accountable for us holding true to our commitment of discovering and featuring creatives, with that distinct seasoning. Because that’s what the Drty in our name represents.

Esmae Duran

The very first feature for our Quickie series is undeniably a creative with distinct seasoning in her craft. Meet — Esmae Duran. She’s a fashion stylist from Newark, NJ with the ability to coordinate all aspects of appealing visual aesthetics for any purpose or setting. I know this because once you get a look at her looks, you’ll see the proof in the pudding!

Celebrity appearances, music videos, films, TV, and advertisements are just a few of the key influences that drive the styles different societies, and their cultures embrace as the new how to look and what to wear. If you aren’t involved with this particular field, you wouldn’t know that your favorite celebrity or favorite look was styled by an individual other than the one whose wearing it. That’s where people like Esmae come in!

In the past, we weren’t privy to the masterminds and behind-the-scenes work that goes into constructing the next hottest looks, but now in the age of social media, we have access to the brilliant minds behind the styles that we can’t get enough of.

Esmae Duran was gracious enough to take time out of her busy schedule to discuss the eye for styling and getting into the field with us. I’m certain this won’t be the last that we’ll hear from her or see her work throughout the world. Read on below as Esmae shares some invaluable information for stylists at all levels to carry throughout their journey!

Photographed by JD Barnes

Can an eye for styling be developed or is it something that you’re just born with?

That’s a hard question, because in my opinion, the answer isn’t in black and white. Anyone for instance could assist another stylist where they would pick up the tricks of the trade. They can learn the mechanics of styling, like how to reach out to designers and showrooms for clothes. They would even learn how to properly pin a garment on set. But can the “the eye” for it be taught? I’m not so sure. I think that’s where pure talent comes into play and will always surpass anything that can be learned.  

If you were fresh starting out as an inspiring stylist, what advice would you give yourself or someone else based on the experience you have thus far?

Assist, assist, assist! I can’t begin to tell you how much I learned from assisting other stylists. It isn’t the most glamorous part because you will do most of the labor, but the knowledge you will gain is priceless!

However, once you get to a certain point you can be selective with who you work with. If you don’t feel like you are gaining from it, don’t do it. Network with other creatives you meet along the way and collab with them to build your portfolio. Post your work and let it be seen! A lot of my work I get is from social media. Last but not least, believe in your talent and don’t wait till you feel ready! 

Photographed By Sydney Claire

Photographed by Robert Perez

Photographed By Sydney Claire

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