Kid Cudi Desires to Never Make Any More Dark Records

A Man Named Scott – Amazon Studios

A Man Named Scott journeys throughout the musical career of Scott Mescudi, better known professionally as Kid Cudi. Beginning with the creation and rise of his breakout single Day n Nite, the documentary flows through to the recording of his works present day.

Having not watched any of the footage and not following his career closely, you wouldn’t know that Cudi at a time was garnering much industry success, yet losing himself gravely and breaking down internally. You could spiritually see and feel when the darkness that followed him throughout his career began and how he was able to pivot and find a better way. After experiencing great peaks and valleys; valleys so deep that they would push him to suicidal thoughts and heavy cocaine usage, Scott decided he had to get his shit together. Making it clear he has no desires to ever make any more dark records, the road looks very healing for Kid Cudi.

It is encouraging and uplifting to witness the story of an individual, who was on the brink of losing it all, including himself, getting professional help and finding the will and the purpose to live and create again. We often discredit the purpose on a person’s life because it doesn’t look like the purpose we believe or have been taught it should be. Please make no mistake, Scott Mescudi and his creative works have purpose. Collectively they have saved many lives and will continue to do so forever.

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