Former ‘The Voice’ Contestant Felicia Temple Shares Latest Video: How You Do That

It’s not every day you run into a nurse with the vocal prowess of talents such as Felicia Temple, but today let us show you just what such an individual can do!

It wasn’t that long ago Felicia was on an international tour performing in front of thousands of people. Due to the pandemic, the tour was cancelled, and Felicia couldn’t abandon her co-workers when they needed her most. So, she returned to save the world one patient at a time as a nurse – or she-ro!

Ms. Temple promised that new music would eventually come and true to her promise it is here. The former ‘The Voice’ contestant released her EP – Bedroom Chronicles 2 earlier this year and we believe it is worth the purchase and adding to your library, forever.

Bedroom Chronicles 2 is available now on all streaming platforms.

Visit Felicia Temple

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