Ejay Mallard Is Championing the Southern R&B Sound


Ejay Mallard

Where Are You Representing:

Houston, Texas by way of Paramount, California.

Tell Us A Bit About Yourself:

I’m a twenty-five-year-old creative with a passion for R&B music. Fueled by love and loss, I grew up on the turn of the century R&B sound that saw innovation in production and more emotion and passion in the lyrics. By the time I began crafting my sound, this became a foundation for me to branch off of. With millions of streams across several different platforms, I’m just trying to bring new twists and turns to the R&B genre while grounding myself back in my “church boy” roots.

How Did You Get Into Your Craft/Field:

I started in the church. My mother is a minister, so I grew up singing in the choir and that’s where a lot of my early inspiration derived from. It was then that I knew I had a gift and wanted to share that gift by virtue of open and honest songwriting. This led me to start listening to early 2000s artists like Usher, Mario, etc. and that’s how I garnered an appreciation for the music I make now.

How Do You Stay Motivated to Keep Going:

Honestly – the fans and the support! I know that’s a generic response, but being able to see the love I get and how closely people resonate with my lyrics is such a blessing.

When I hear how my stories closely mirror the lives of my fans and/or their significant other(s), it just puts a battery in my back to do more. Also, my friends. I have some talented friends who also make extraordinary music as well, so they inspire me to go harder. I’m a competitive person when it comes to music, so the friendly competition is surely fuel as well.

Any Special Events or Projects You’re Working On:

I’m currently working on my new project that is scheduled to drop in August 2021. My team and I are picking up a lot of shows across Texas all summer (June, July, and August) cause we really want to expand on the visibility as well to promote the album on the road.

This summer is just busy busy busy when it comes to shows, recording, sequencing, and finalizing the project. But I can guarantee this project WILL be the BEST PROJECT coming out of Texas in terms of R&B music. I’m trying to champion that Southern R&B sound and spearhead that in Houston for sure!

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Video: Breaking All The Rules

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