Drty Talk With Rapper Marc Bishop


Marc Bishop

Where You Representing:

I represent Chattanooga and Atlanta.  Born and raised in Chattanooga and been living in Atlanta for about 11 years.

How Did You Get Into Rap/Music:

Rap music was always around me because of my older brothers and cousins. One of the albums that made me wanna take rap more seriously was “It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot by DMX”.  Before that, I was writing poetry and rapping a little bit in middle school.

What Do You Provide That the Game’s Missing: 

To be honest, what I bring to the game is my perspective. My perspective and my uniqueness will change minds one day. There’s nothing really that new to the game these days, but it’s so many artists that do what they do beautifully, that it can’t be duplicated.

Even if what they’ve done has been done before, the way that individual artist does it can’t be replaced. So, I bring you Marc Bishop, an alien to your world that you will probably fall in love with. Not even romantically necessarily, but my vibe and or my energy or even my words and my stories. 

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