Drty One of the Day – Cassie

This week’s #WomanCrushWednesday honors go to Cassie, better known as Hikebeastt.


Cassie, better known as Hikebeastt.

What do you do and what inspired you to do it:
I hike, workout, fashion blog and inspire people to get out and get fit in more ways than just going to the gym. My inspiration came from my inner self, I know what I am capable of and I want to share my passion with the world.
How do you define success:
Success is living the life we truly deserve, and not the lives we settle for. Setting goals and crushing them!
What would you say to motivate a younger you to be successful in life:
I would tell my younger self to never give up! It is so easy to see people “making it” and feel discouraged. Remain humble and continue to be your natural self, things always fall into place.
Name a song you like and the artist:

A song I like is New Year – artist: Warhol.SS.
Name a movie you like:

I’m a horror movie junkie! Aha — All of them. I can watch the Conjuring sequel over and over!


Name a food you like:

A food I like are burritos! But they have to be authentic.
Where can we find you online:

You can find me on Instagram @Hikebeastt. Stay tuned for my youtube channel coming soon.

Photos courtesy of Cassie | © 2017 DRTY ONE$