Drty One of the Day – Axcess


Eli ‘Axcess’ Hammond.

What do you do:

I am a Hip Hop artist, and I was inspired by having a platform to relate to others. I’ve always been really shy, and I have a hard time communicating what’s on my mind. Music gave me another avenue to talk about my feelings, and get them out.

How do you define success:

To me, success to me can be measured in happiness.

What would you say to motivate a younger you to be successful in life:

I would remind myself that one seed can become thousands. One person can make an impact on someone’s life. In return, that person can then share that inspiration with others and so on.

Name a song you like and the artist:

Micah Tyler – Different.

Name a movie you like:

Honestly not much of a movie person, but one of my favorites that I’ve watched quite a bit is “Avatar.”

Name a food you like:

Burritos and sushi all day!

Where can we find you online:





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