Drty One of the Day – Misty Rosas



Misty Rosas

What do you do:

I am a singer-songwriter, dancer, and Bikram yoga teacher.

How do you define success:

For me, personally, success is defined by your level of contentment in “the gray” area. When the moment is not your highest high, yet you are just happy. You love what you do, and you practice at it all the time when no one is watching, when there’s nothing to get from the effort. You are simply living your heart and soul’s dream!

What would you say to motivate a younger you to be successful in life:

I would tell a “younger” me, listen to your heart Mist, and simply follow it! It knows the way!

Name a song you like and the artist:

I’ll Find You by Air Supply.

Name a movie you like:

Peaceful Warrior

Name a food you like:

I love Thai food! 

Where can we find you online:

www.MistyRosas.com | Facebook | Instagram  | Twitter

Misty Rosas

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