Happy Labor Day

As with many of our celebrations in the U.S. I am sure Labor Day has evolved in its meaning and has taken on many more since it was first celebrated years ago. From the support of labor issues, to the labor movement growing stronger, to the celebration of labor itself and more importantly the workers – we can all find good reason to celebrate Labor Day.

Looking back on the accomplishments many have contributed to the well-being of not just our country, but also the world and even to more recently seeing the hard work and unselfish acts of labor taking place in helping many people rebuild after damage caused by the storm – it just reminded me of how the grind isn’t always sexy, but I believe, it is definitely rewarding.

As we go about celebrating the day, it reminds me to not only celebrate the laborious work and accomplishments of others and myself, but reminds me to also give thanks for the ‘ability to’ labor.

Happy Labor Day Kinfolk!

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