Drty One of the Day – Marissa Phoenix


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My alias is Marissa Phoenix.

What do you do:

I was a college advisor at a suburban high school in Northwest Houston, Texas for the school year and currently job searching in higher education.

What are your goals and dreams:

My goals include obtaining my Master’s in Public Policy or Public Administration. I aspire to empower my community, especially groups that may not have access to opportunities because of lack of finances or resources. My main dream is to earn a comfortable living wage and marry a successful and balanced partner.

What would you say to motivate a younger you to go after your goals and dreams:

People will try to dim your light by making fun of you or ostracizing you for thinking differently from the crowd. Let them spread negative energy, it will eventually teach them humility. You are different for a reason, remember all the greats that are special because they are different.

Name a song you like and the artist:

The Greatest by Sia.

Name a movie you like:

Mad Max: Fury Road.

Name a food you like:


Where can we find you online:

Model Mayhem users can find me at ID #3733907


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