Make the Connection

Today, I had the opportunity to share with a few folks about this undertaking and my wanting to motivate people to go after the life that they desire as well as use the platform to spotlight the Dirty South. One of the individuals said, everybody’s got content and a clothing line, what makes anything you’re doing different? My reply was, truth be told, everybody doesn’t have a clothing line (or sound content). Most have at best a graphic design line and sell it on merch, and that’s okay, but that’s another story for another day.

You ask what makes what I’m doing different? Of course, the fact that I’m doing it. Also, I read something somewhere, I believe it was Seth Godin’s blog where he wrote, making stuff is great, but making connections is even better. That’s what I’m doing different because that’s me and that’s what I love doing, genuinely connecting with people.

I’m not out here to solely sell people merch, although I’d love for you to get some, that helps support the rebelution. However, I’m truly, genuinely connecting, genuinely checking on and encouraging people. This isn’t just merch for me, and I’m aware it’s rare because many folks don’t know what to do with it when they experience it…… and that’s the sad part. We need more of it – truly connecting.

– Huey