Drty One of the Day – Oliver Manifest


Oliver Manifest (O.M)

What do you do:

I’m a fashion blogger, an entrepreneur involved in several startups, and a visionary most of all.

What are your goals and dreams:

Do you want the whole four-page document, or just the highlights? My favorite dream is the one where I found an autonomous country filled with edible forest-gardens, sustainable villages complete with wi-fi, and desalination marshes on the coastlines.

What would you say to motivate a younger you to go after your goals and dreams:

The universe is constantly expanding, so the possibilities for happiness are always expanding, but if you don’t expand with the universe, you’ll get swallowed by darkness. Keep an open mind, and remember good and bad are just perspectives, not reality.

Name a song you like and the artist:


Name a movie you like:


Name a food you like:

I could eat Indian food every day and not even be mad.

Where can we find you online:


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