Dirty South Club Spotlight of the Day – Q&A

In today’s Dirty South Club spotlight, we give a little bit of shine and love to hip hop artist Q&A. 

What’s your name and what part of the Dirty South are you representing:

My name comes from my upbringing with my mother and father. My father was a very strict parent doing his best to help guide me through life as a youth. I was taught to make sure what I did, to make sure it was done with Quality. That was because you want to make sure the job was done right so there won’t be anyone coming behind you saying you half did your job.

Appearance is about making sure you look the part every day you step out because you may never know who you’ll see. So, always look your best. So, you get me; Quality & Appearance.

What do you do and what inspired you to do it:

I’m an artist, entrepreneur, songwriter, business owner, and clothing designer. Music was big in my house and I grew up in the South so church hymns were the first songs I learned, but I would say just as I got older, the desire to be a musician grew more and more every day.

I always wanted to be in the industry whether it was acting, radio or an artist. Also, fashion was always big for me, so as the years went on I got more serious about it.  Currently I’m working on my F.D.V Clothing Co. line.

How do you define success: 

Success is something you set within goals you want to achieve because the more you engage in those goals, the more success you will see. Also, one can view success as liking yourself and what you do. Success is also a peace of mind which comes from self-satisfaction.

What do you like to do in your free time: 

I love to create in my spare time. What I mean by that is things like writing, video treatments, designs, business ideas and a lot of exercise.

What do you love most about the Dirty South:  

Our hustle and the way we stand out. I love the fact that we have our own sound and ways of doing things. We really understand the true meaning about being indie before anyone was really up on game.

Photo courtesy of Q&A

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