Dirty South Club Spotlight of the Day – Ayanna Hollomon

In today’s Dirty South Club spotlight, we give a little bit of shine and love to gifted artist and entrepreneur Ayanna Hollomon.


What’s your name and what part of the Dirty South are you representing:

Ayanna Hollomon representing Dallas County, TX. Cedar Hill, TX to be exact.

What do you do and what inspired you to do it:

I own Sista Good Thing PGW. Sista stands for Spiritual Inspiration Shared Through Art and The PGW stands for Professional Gift Work. I create art in mixed medias for commission and just started an fifteen minute podcast which focuses on discerning topics, art, interviews and encouraging spoken word.

I am inspired to create art because I have been creating from a young age and a career change navigated me back to my gift, which led me to own SGTPGW. I like to apply vibrant colors to a blank canvas and create art that speaks to everyday life. I believe in encouragement and like to be a source of encouragement to those who have been assigned to my journey, so that is the inspiration behind the podcast.




How do you define success: 

I define success as having the patience to go through seasons that will define and shape our character, while accomplishing every goal assigned to our lives in order to be a blessing to others.

Best personal or business advice you’ve ever received: 
The best advice I have received thus far is three-fold:

1. Delayed does not mean denied.

2.The Most High God multiplies by subtraction.

3. The teacher does not talk during the test.

What do you like to do for fun: 

For fun I like to relax, spend time with my husband, and travel. I love to listen to smooth Jazz.

What do you love most about the Dirty South:  

I love the air, the land, and the opportunities to grow as a human. That’s what I love most about the Dirty South.



Photo and artwork courtesy of Ayanna Hollomon

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