#MotivationalMonday – Guard Your Thoughts

One of the biggest mistakes I believe we make in life is we allow the wrong thoughts to, sort of take hold in our minds. Most times, we will take the most negative thoughts that come into our minds and allow them to, what I call, take root. We let thoughts of failure; thoughts of not getting what we desire and so on and so forth, play over and over in our heads and eventually those thoughts make their way down into our hearts; they take root. By allowing them to take root; we let them settle in and begin to grow in us and lead us to believe we will never have what we desire and that we don’t have what it takes to have what we desire.

However, I am a firm believer that if we just make a sincere effort to focus on the positives, to see ourselves doing whatever it is we desire, to see ourselves having whatever it is we desire and see ourselves getting back up each time we get knocked down; if we genuinely imagine us already winning and having all that we set out to have and consistently think about it day and night? We will bring it to pass! Of course there will need to be action coupled with our thoughts, but half the battle is won already when we get our minds right.

I’m challenging you today kinfolk to guard your thoughts. Watch what you think about and how you think about it, because in the end it affects your success. When your mind wants to take you to that dark place and you know that place; that place where you tell yourself you can’t do it or you won’t have it, that place where you focus on you losing and giving up? This is the time to get firm with your thoughts and your future and speak life and positivity to them both!

Take the time now to start disciplining yourself to speak to your thoughts. Tell your mind how and what to think. Tell your thoughts you refuse to go to that dark place. Tell your thoughts you will think about what you want to see come about. Tell yourself, I will think success and I will think victory!

All I’m asking you to remember is, whatever it is you desire; see yourself doing it and see yourself having it because, What you think about will come about!

© 2017 C. Huey for Dirty South Club | D$C