Bringing out the Best in Women with Makeup Artist and Model Bianca

In today’s Dirty South club spotlight we give a little bit of shine to and chat with Makeup Artist and Model – Ms. Bianca! Though the Bureau of Labor and Statistics indicates a wide pay scale for the occupation of Makeup Artists, it is clear after our interview with Bianca that what these artists have to offer you just can’t put a price on. It is more than a beautifully made face; it is something deeper and beyond appraisable value. Read on as this kind-hearted cutie shares with us things like what led to her interest in makeup and modeling as well as the most rewarding thing about them both and what she loves about the Dirty South!

What’s your name and what part of the Dirty South are you representing:

My name is Bianca and I represent South, Texas.

What do you do and what inspired you to do it:

I am both a makeup artist and a model. I started off initially as a makeup artist and a fill in when a photographer friend needed a model is what led me to do both. I attended the Aveda Institute back in 2009 to study esthiology, but my love of makeup was much greater. My mother is a beautician so I grew up with my playpen literally in the corner of the beauty salon, so I guess you could say that bringing out a woman’s inner beauty has always been a part of my life.


Photo Jan 24, 11 24 06 AMBianca hard at work on Great Day SA


Best business or personal advice you’ve ever received:

Always ask yourself, “how will this benefit me and my business?”. All too often, especially as an artist, people will expect you to work for exposure, and in the beginning, that is fine and almost a rite of passage…to an extent. Know your worth and never put yourself in a position where you will be giving more than you get or your business will suffer and the effort put forth will be fruitless.

Any words of advice or encouragement for those who wish to follow in your footsteps:

“Say yes and then figure it out”. Our fear of failure or our lack of confidence in our skill set can hold us back from opportunities that could potentially advance our brands, so always say “yes” even if you don’t feel you are qualified, then work hard to prepare yourself and always give it all you have. You’ll surprise yourself and your business will flourish.

How do you define success:

I define success as finding your purpose and living it daily. When we find our purpose, live it, impact others and improve our own standing in life that is the epitome of success. The key is to always set mini goals on the way to achieving your full dream so that your success along the way keeps you motivated and focused. Success can come in small victories and still be great!


Examples of Bianca’s makeup artistry at work


What are your plans or goals in the near future:

My quarterly goal (I set them up this way as to not overwhelm myself and keep myself motivated) is to make another appearance to talk beauty on our local news station’s morning talk show, Great Day SA and to begin networking further north in Texas, as well as Louisiana and Georgia where I have photographer connections. I want to take my name, my brand, as far as I possibly can.

What are the most challenging and rewarding things about being a freelance make-up artist and model:

The most rewarding thing about being a freelance makeup artists is getting to see the way a woman will carry herself once she has been given a glamour makeover. Seeing that surge of confidence and self-love in another is what inspires me to keep learning and perfecting my craft. After I graduated from Aveda, I continued to take makeup courses and seminars and that led to my love of avant-garde, special effects and corrective makeup. These styles of makeup allow me to bring a photographer’s vision to life and being a part of a creative process is incredibly rewarding as well. Makeup provides an outlet for both my creativity and my desire to positively impact others.

As a model, the most rewarding part is getting my inbox flooded with amazing feedback from women of all ages and sizes telling me that I inspire them. It’s the most heart-warming feeling to know that because I was brave enough to do what I do, I have now started a fire in another person and their lives will be changed as well. I really strive to embody a woman’s strength, sensuality and ferocity in what I do, and when that awakens the same in another woman then I feel I have succeeded.

What do you like to do for fun:

Immersing myself in San Antonio’s art scene is where you can find me in my free time. I attempt to support the city that supported me so local vendor markets, our city’s museums and art shows is where I usually am. I also enjoy camping, hiking and just being near water. If I’m not doing that I am binge watching Netflix crime documentaries.

Where can the people find you online:

Visit my website at

What do you love most about the Dirty South:

No matter where you are in the South there is always a sense of a community. Even in San Antonio, a growing city, you’ll get that small town community atmosphere as everyone is friendly and seems to know each other. That sense of community keeps us tight knit, supportive of one another, and loyal to our roots. I love that about the South, we stick together.

Photo Feb 27, 6 00 22 AM
Photos courtesy of Bianca

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