Where There’s a Will There’s a Way – Talking the Will to do Anything with Rapper SkidRo

In today’s Dirty South Club spotlight we talk with rapper and sports fanatic SkidRo, out of Houston, Texas. I first learned about Ro from one of our 2016 spotlights Ms. Toni Hickman. It was after listening to Ro’s song, ‘Best I Can’ that I became a fan and reached out to hopefully sit down and chat with him. Roland took a moment to share his story with us Dirty South Club style and give us a little bit of motivation to help us keep on keeping on!

What’s your name and what part of the Dirty South are you representing:

Okay, my name is Roland Sanders I’m from Houston, Texas. I also go by SkidRo!

Alright, what do you do and what inspired you to do it:

I make music and I play sports. I participate in multiple activities. Here lately I’ve been really getting into Crossfit. As far as music is concerned; what motivates me to do sports and do music is the people. You know, I know that everywhere I go all eyes are on me and I have the ability to inspire where a lot of my peers or people in my age group may not reach certain people. I’ve gotten the ability to go and do some things that a lot of the people that I know haven’t. Much is given, much is required.

Being able to put yourself in position to show others there are no limitations to what you can do, to what you want to do; speak about that. Is that something that when you’re doing it, outside of your love for it, I’m assuming being able to be a testament that hey there is a power within us that if we want to do it, regardless of what has happened to us or what hand we’ve been dealt, we can do:

Well yeah, I don’t know if you know, I got shot when I was ten years old. Somebody robbed me for my bike. So, I had to overcome that at a young age and it’s funny that you mention the will to do anything. Some days, you have those days, everybody has those days where you don’t want to do nothing.

Whenever I’m in my room or here lately what I’ve been doing with my piano is I just play it. I don’t wanna play it some nights. A lot of nights I don’t want to play it, but it’s sitting right there and I’m looking at it and I know that that’s the gift that God gave me and I’d be wrong for not utilizing it. It’s not supposed to be easy cause it’s not.

There is this misconception, we think everything is supposed to be easy. There are going to be days, even for the things that we love, like you said some days I just don’t want to do it. Sometimes we don’t even need a reason, it’s like nah I just don’t want to do it, you know what I’m saying: 

Yes sir, I know exactly what you’re saying!

So, what’s the best business or personal advice you’ve ever received:

Best business advice I’ve ever received; I can’t say I received, but more-so learned, over time through trial and error with all of my friends is marketing and promotion is the key to any big business. If you look at anything; I don’t care if it’s Solo cups to Jordans to Walmart – it’s marketed where it’s marketed and how it’s marketed and which people it reaches all matters. The product, it’s sad to say, but if you can market it and promote well you can sell a million faulty products. You may not get people to come back but you can go get a million more suckers to go buy a million more faulty products. I don’t want to say that’s the last thing that matters, but marketing and promotion goes first.

Man, we see that a lot. Even in the music realm, you listen to some of this stuff and it’s like what the? (laughs) So, what do you like to do for fun:

I love hanging out with my friends. I like cards. I like spades. I like to play chess. My homeboy done beat me like 8 times. His name is Big Knox and he raps too, he done beat me like 8 times straight. I’ve been on a losing streak, so. (laughs)

I just like chilling with good people. Sports and stuff, that’s just something that I’ve been doing since I was ten years old after I got injured. As long as I got some good company, I don’t really care what we’re doing man.

Considering being shot and then looking at your life after that, what words of advice or encouragement would you give to anybody:

I would say, it’s not supposed to be easy like you said. It’s gonna be challenges, but I guess the best advice I can give on that is always remember that it could always be a lot worse and you should always try to get better.

As people sometimes, in situations we’ll go through something and then a lot of people never wanna analyze what they did wrong or what they could do better next time to handle the situation differently.  Sometimes we all focus on what the other person did and a lot of times if you take time to correct yourself and realize it could always be worse you’ll be better off.

So I just have two more, what’s next for you? What can we look for from you in the future, I assume this year you’ll have more music for sure:

Yes sir, you can expect more videos and I’ll be getting into more of the production side. Me and my friend we’ve been doing this so long and we learned so much I can really see us running a business. We understand marketing and we understand certain things so; just getting a roster together, but more videos for sure!

The last one, what do you love most about the Dirty South:

We in Houston, I’m not gonna lie I love the Mexican food! (Laughs) Man, we’ve got some bomb taco stands everywhere!

Kinfolk, click the image below to take a listen to Skidro’s latest work!


Photos courtesy of Skidro

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