Act Like You Want It

Years ago, I started a small practice as a Certified Life Coach. I’ve always been an adviser of sorts, a motivator, and an encourager. I’ve always had a heart and compassion for people. I’ve always been a cheerleader for humankind and people loved to (and still do) seek me out for advice and encouragement. I figured if I married my love for people and my love for advising, motivating and encouraging together, life coaching should be the end result!

During the time of having my practice I found it (and still find it) fulfilling helping others plan and execute a plan to go after the things they desire. Clients would come to me for all sorts of goals and dreams; the tangible and intangible. It could be as great as advice for starting a new business to as seemingly small as removing the practice of overspending from financial habits.

No matter what the dream or goal; no matter the tangible or intangible, one thing I found common between each of my clients and that I see commonly among many folks I encounter today is this — people often ‘say’ what they want, but they don’t put a plan together or any action behind it!

We can say and say and say and dream and dream and dream and plan and plan and plan — all of the things we want to do or to accomplish, but the ONE thing that is truly going to bring any of that to fruition is, we must, YOU MUST DO!

Many of us have been saying and dreaming about what we want for years and years, but today it’s time to ACT LIKE YOU WANT IT! You’ve done enough talking and thinking and doubting, now you need to get to acting.

So, I encourage you today kinfolk to not just dream and say, but to plan and execute. I encourage you to not only imagine it, but let your actions be the proof that you want what you say you want.

I’m rooting for you kinfolk because I know you can make it happen; because I know you will now go and make it happen. I know you will now act like you want it because if you don’t — you’ll still be in the same place next year, dreaming about and saying what you want instead of doing and having it!

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