The Corporate Misfits – Slangin' Tees with Brittany and Amy of Oil Digger Tees

In today’s Dirty South Club spotlight we give a little shine to the proud co-founders of Oil Digger Tees, Brittany Darrington and Amy Tyndell. Earlier this year we were able to connect with the ladies to give us some D$C type of motivation and have them share a bit about themselves and their business. Read on to learn more about the trillest ladies representin the Dirty with the grittiest fashion-forward apparel and gift company.

What’s your name and where are you from:

Brittany: My name is Brittany Darrington and I’m from Austin, Texas.

Amy: Amy Tyndell, Jacksonville, Texas.

What do you do and what inspired you to do it:

Brittany: I am the Co-Founder of Oil Digger Tees; I’ve always dreamt of owning my own fashion company ever since I was a little girl; I used to put on Barbie fashion shows for my family and even started my own ‘Outfit of the Day’ blog.

I attended The Art Institute where I majored in Retail Management and Marketing. While in school, I had the pleasure of working for Tootsies for several years where I learned the ins-and-outs of high-end retail.

Amy: I am Co-founder of Oil Digger Tees. I have been designing and creating since a child. After graduating from Texas Tech University, with a major in Apparel Design and Manufacturing and a minor in Art/Business, I joined the corporate world and dabbled in creative jobs.

I decided the 9 to 5 and working for others wasn’t for me. I became an acrylic/mixed media artist ( I wanted a faster paced industry which led me to the fashion industry and my old-fashioned pal Brittany Darrington.




Best business or personal advice you’ve ever received:

Brittany: Make sure you have resiliency within.

Amy: Take your dreams and passions seriously. If you don’t, no one else will.

Any words of advice or encouragement for those who wish to follow in your footsteps:

Brittany: Don’t be afraid to take risks and fail. I look at my failures as a success because of the lessons learned. My mentor John C. Maxwell encouraged me to get comfortable with making mistakes because that’s where greatness is formed. 

Amy: Be persistent and on your toes. When something doesn’t work out, get creative and regroup.

How do you define success:

Brittany: I define success by accomplishing goals that I have set for myself.

Amy: Being able to live off your dream.

What are your plans or goals for the business and for you personally in the near future:

Brittany: Our plans are to grow Oil Digger Tees into every major retail company that fits our brand and pop bottles of champagne while eating queso along the way! 🙂

Amy: To keep expanding and have fun while doing it!

Where can the people find you online:

Brittany: You can find us online at, Look-book at and on Instagram/Facebook @Oildiggertees. We are sold nationwide. Locations of our partnered retailers can be found online.

What do you like to do for fun:

Brittany: I love to learn about unique wines, traveling, watching Shark Tank and taking hip hop classes.

Amy: Hanging out with friends and family and trying out new restaurants.

What do you love most about the South:

Brittany: UMMMM the food! I! I love me some fried foods, macaroni, and best of all STEAK! Also, I love the support from the South. I’ve met great southerners who want to support entrepreneurs from the South.  

Amy: Slangs Twangs, and Country thangs!


Photos Courtesy of Oil Digger Tees

Kinfolk, make sure you get by and support these ladies’ business at They’ve got some fly shiggity to keep you swervy!


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