The Leading Lady: Going Big in Modeling and Acting with Elaina Guidry

One night I was scrolling through my social media pages, as is the norm for all of us these days. As a matter of fact, if you aren’t scrolling through your social media pages or you don’t have social media pages at all, the rest of us want to know what in the world are you really doing with your life? At any rate, scrolling through my social media timelines one night, I came across this very alarming video. There was a young lady crying in a video and I couldn’t scroll by without seeing if she was okay. With the times we are in today I didn’t want to be insensitive and scroll by without addressing the concern I had.

As the video is playing, this poor lady is crying and asking for somebody to help her! She says he has her trapped and makes her do everything for him. She only wanted to go home and wanted somebody, anybody to please help her. As her pleas for help grew more and more frantic she stated that this monster she wants to get away from is coming and she needs help right away and out of nowhere – a handsome little guy comes in from the background smiling and says, “Uh mommy?!?!” 🙂

This is how I was introduced to the funny and talented Elaina. I felt so duped after watching this video that I just had to reach out to her and see if I could lock down a chat and interview for the club. After a few messages and a very pleasant time talking; here we are! In today’s Dirty South Club spotlight we give a little shine to actress and model Elaina Guidry. Read on as she shares with us about doing what’s best for you, enjoying the journey and of course what she loves about the Dirty South. Enjoy!


What’s your name and where are you from:

My name is Elaina Guidry and I am from Ville Platte, LA.

What do you do and what inspired you to do it:

I am a professional model and actress. I was inspired growing up as a little girl from a small city, without my biological parents in my life, craving to change my future despite the odds against me. I dreamed big to become a model, a superstar.

Best business or personal advice you’ve ever received:

Best advice I have received is to do what you love, and you will never have to worry about working a day in your life. Don’t get too caught up in success to where you forget about God, Family, and Love.

Any words of advice or encouragement for those who wish to follow in your footsteps:

For those who wish to follow in my footsteps, remember that not everyone can do what you do, and you cannot do what everyone else does. Trust your talents. Focus on doing the best that you can, for YOU. Nothing is too big for you to accomplish. Aim for the BIG things in life.  Most importantly, enjoy the journey. That alone, is a blessing.

How do you define success:

I define success as waking up each day being able to do what I love.

What are your plans or goals in the near future:

My goal in the near future is to land my first leading role as an actress.

What are your most favorite and least favorite things about the acting and modeling industries:

My favorite thing about acting and modeling is that I can challenge myself to do something different each time I am on a set. My least favorite thing is slow periods. I just want to WORK!!


What do you like to do for fun:

For fun, I like to travel and see new things with great people. I also enjoy making silly acting videos with my six year old son.

What type of music do you like:

My choice of music is definitely gospel and R&B.

Where can the people find you online:

Find me online on at Facebook & Instagram.

What do you love most about the Dirty South:

What I love most about the South is GEESH, the food of course! In addition, the South definitely has the most amazing and talented people. The world needs to know.

Photos Courtesy of Elaina Guidry
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