Shipley Do-Nuts and the Big 80

This month, a Dirty South favorite of mine will turn 80 years old. That’s why today’s Dirty South Club spotlight honors go to the delicious Shipley Do-Nuts! Though you can find donuts and donut shops of all kinds in many places, Shipley still remains a fave for generations of Southerners, especially Houstonians. 

Growing up, Shipley Do-Nuts has always been a part of my life. My father has been a barber for years and I remember whenever I would hit the shop on the weekends (and even today), rest assured a fresh and hot box of Shipley Do-Nuts was going to make an appearance. I’ll have to let my dad and the gang know that we are all probably a part of the reason that the best company owned shop is located just a hop-skip-and-a-jump  away from their barber shop location. Who knew?

Happy Birthday Month Shipley Do-Nuts! What a blessing and honor for you to be in business for 80 years.

To learn more of what you’ve always wanted to know about Shipley Do-Nuts click here for a great piece on the company at Houston Chronicle.

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