Jessica – #WCW

Today’s Dirty South Club #WCW honors go to Ms. Jessica. The Biloxi native shared her favorite thing(s) about the South, what she likes to do for fun, dreams she is pursuing and more. Take some time to get to know Jessica better below!

Name: Jessica King

Occupation: US Army Active Duty

Hometown: Biloxi, MS

Favorite thing(s) to do for fun: I’m an aspiring model, so for fun I often find myself devoting all my time in photo shoots and networking. I also like to work out; fitness has always been a part of me. Sitting by any body of water whether it’s a beach or lake and reflect on life.

What’s a goal or dream you are currently pursuing: I am currently pursuing more than one dream. I am pursuing a successful career in modeling, and also getting my bachelor’s. I just received my associate in GS.

What do you love about the South: WOW! This is the hardest, easiest question I’ve ever had. What’s not to like? It’s different, and like no other. I love the family oriented vibe, the tasteful, delicious food, and the hospitality.

I believe the South helps a lot of people become better people. The South is a beautiful, peaceful place where people find themselves and reset. The South is like a detox of toxins in life. I often travel home when I’m down or my emotions are unbalanced to get a reset button.

The people are so wise and full of unity. Let’s not forget the soul and the music. The music isn’t just something to listen to, it creates life within your soul. The music is full of lessons instead of trends. I feel like the South created the soul, jazz, blues, and R&B and it wouldn’t be the same without it. If you still can’t find a reason to love the South, just think about when people retire, where do they travel to?  🙂


Photo Courtesy of: Jessica
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