Vanessa – #WCW

Today’s Dirty South Club #WCW honors go to Virginia native Vanessa Hodges. The freelance photographer was nice enough to share with us her favorite things to do for fun and what she loves about the Dirty South. We’re glad to have Vanessa as a part of the club!

Name: Vanessa Hodges

Occupation: Sales Photographer, Server, Freelance Photographer.

Hometown: Chesapeake, Virginia

Favorite thing(s) to do for fun: Photography, model, swim, and lift weights.

What’s a goal or dream you are currently pursuing: I am currently pursuing photography as one of my many career paths.

What do you love about the Dirty South: What do I love about the Dirty South? The weather, the beach, the cookouts, the open spaces, and the view of the sunset almost every night.


Photo Courtesy of: Vanessa Hodges
© 2016 Carlos Huey for Dirty South Club