Meet the Rockers: Rock Band The Scars Heal in Time is About to Breakthrough Big with New Single

In today’s Dirty South Club spotlight, we give a little shine to Rock band The Scars Heal in Time. I was able to connect and chat with Tayler, drummer for the band, and she was gracious enough to share the bands newest single, I’m About to Break.

I am embarrassed to say, I didn’t listen to the single for some days and I have no idea why. Meet the Fockers my Life! However, one day I decided to get my head in the game and gave a listen considering she was gracious enough to share it with me and not to mention she had me from, My name is Tayler Smith and I play drums. Because, I’m a fellow drummer. Yet, this isn’t about me so we’ll just keep moving right along.

Anyway, I finally listened to the song and caught the video and — this band is not to be slept on kinfolk! The new single is well produced, well written, well played and well sung (Kayla 187’ed those vocals). What can I say, I love it! Not to mention, the video is flame and you can check it out below. In the meantime, read on as Tayler gives us the dirty on what the band’s got coming up, what inspired them to rock out and her favorite thing about the Dirty South.

Name(s) and where are you from:

Kayla Smith, Tayler Smith and Tristin Paz. Kayla and I (Tayler) were born in Bozeman, MT and Tristin is from Pocatello, ID. The band currently lives in Houston, TX

 What do you do and what inspired you to do it:

Kayla and I (Tayler) started playing music together about 6 years ago. Our dad was a huge influence for us because he was always in bands and playing shows so we were around the lifestyle at a really young age and it was just something we needed to do. When Tristin was younger he had the option of being in choir or band in elementary school. He had no desire to sing so he played bass and loved it. He would jam to Good Charlotte and was in and out of a few bands in Idaho before he found us.

Best business or personal advice you’ve ever received:

The best advice I feel like we’ve ever been given was from Lzzy Hale. We met her outside of her show in Houston a while back and she listened to our demo at the time and told us “NEVER Give up. I don’t care how long it takes. Don’t ever give up.” and I feel like that is the best advice for all aspects of life, personally and professionally.

Any words of advice for those who wish to follow in your footsteps:

I’d like to pass on what we were told. Never give up. Get ready to put in a TON of work but you will have an absolute blast and it will all be worth it.

What’s next for you or what are you working on that we can look out for:

We’re headed out on a headline tour this November through the Midwest on the Detention Transport Tour. We’ll start off the tour in our hometown Houston and then set off. After we tour for a while we will head back to the studio to record an EP

What do you like to do for fun:

We usually stay pretty busy with band stuff. It’s all fun for us though! We make a lot of our merch and we ship everything out ourselves. We’re always writing and jamming as well. We also bought a prison bus and we’re converting it over to a tour bus by ourselves so that definitely takes a ton of time. This is actually the second bus we’ve converted, our first one was a smaller shuttle bus and we had it 100% converted over to a touring machine. We had built in beds, couches, a gear cage and everything and the day we finished someone crashed into the back of us. Our fans quickly got us back on our feet though and we ended up better off with the bus we have now!

What do you love most about the Dirty South:

Southern hospitality for sure. You don’t even realize how nice people from Texas are until you’re around someone who isn’t from the South. Little things like waving when you pass someone on the street or asking someone how their day is just blows some people’s minds. Whataburger is pretty sweet too!

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