Get In Tune with The C.I.T.Y.

I love music. I can’t tell you precisely when I began to love music, I just know it was very early on in my life. My wife and I both share a love for live music and we’re always talking about looking for places known for offering live music and new bands to check out. Earlier this year I had the pleasure of interviewing a cat who goes by the name QuickSticks (you can read the interview here) and he mentioned to me that he was the drummer for a band The C.I.T.Y. I was hoping to get the opportunity to check out the band and we were able to catch them in Houston at the Alley Kat Bar & Lounge. I had never been to the Alley Kat and we were up for some good live music, so we thought we would get out and maybe we’d find a new band or some new artists that we could support.

When you see The C.I.T.Y. for the first time you believe that you have an idea of what the band is going to sound like; especially if you haven’t heard their music in advance. Yet, once the band starts to play, the saying you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover immediately fills your mind. There is a sound, style and energy about this band that’s unexplainable, you literally have to experience them for yourself. When they’re on stage, it is their ability to engage a crowd while building up its energy and drawing from that energy that tells you these guys are experienced entertainers and they sound really good too!

If you enjoy live music you need to hear The C.I.T.Y. and if you love a good party you MUST experience The C.I.T.Y. Visit their website here to see when they’ll be throwing a party near you and while you’re there support the band by buying their latest project and don’t forget to check out the joint Lovin U 2 Screw — thank me later.

© 2016 Carlos Huey for Dirty South Club

Photo Credit: The C.I.T.Y.