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Buy Now: Time Is Money Tees


Dirty South Club is geeked to introduce the newest design Time Is Money from our Hustle Hard | Get Paid Collection! This unisex design was born out of a mindset to share some financial knowledge that everyone everywhere needs to know. It was designed to be a discussion piece; a piece to spark the discussion about putting your money to work for you if you haven’t already and doing it as soon as possible.

With over 15 years of experience working for a company that offers individual and group retirement plans and seeing how clients invest their dollars, as well as the difference between those who have been saving and investing for short periods of time compared to those doing it for much longer periods; I believe one of the best lessons I’ve learned is – Time Is Money.

I was always taught my time shouldn’t be wasted and should be used wisely because it is highly valuable and could be spent doing things that would better benefit me or make better use of my time. This is something many of us probably have been taught and rightfully so. Yet, no one ever took the time to teach me the other side to Time Is Money. the side that contributed to my financial well-being and growing my wealth. The side that says, now let’s take care of your money. The side that says, let’s put your money to work for you. The side that says, the earlier or sooner you start to invest the more time your money has to work and grow for you because — Time truly is Money.