#ILovetheDirtySouth – Brandy

There are several things I absolutely love about the Dirty South. Just to highlight a few of those, the South is nothing but a big ole, yes ole, family. This is one place where everyone really did raise everyone’s children. This is a place where “pop, cold drank”, or even saying “Coke” just means to bring me a drink. LOL! It doesn’t even matter what flavor. 

I love the South because it is absolutely normal to speak to everyone in public. You are considered flat out rude in the South if you don’t speak. Everybody is “honey child, baby, hey you right here, and sweetie”! And no one is offended to share those names. The South definitely has its own dictionary and accent. Depending on where you are you may be greeted with “hello, hey y’all (even though it’s one person), sup, what’s up, yo, howdy and the list goes on.

You can’t talk about the South without talking food. Absolutely ANYTHING can be fried in the South! If it hadn’t been fried, it hadn’t been tried. Food here is cooked from the soul and rarely a measuring cup. This is casserole nation! We will try to mix anything and give it a name. One thing is for sure, when you make a friend in the Dirty South, you’ve made a friend forever. You’re most times immediately family to their family and a friend to their friends.

Brandy Singer/Artist

© 2016 Dirty South Club