Dorothy – #WCW

Today’s Dirty South Club #WCW honors go to Austin, Texas native Dorothy. The swimwear designer talks about expanding her line, her favorite things to do for fun and her favorite thing about the Dirty South!

Name: Dorothy

Occupation: Swimwear Designer

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Favorite thing(s) to do for fun: I love being outdoors whether it’s swimming, going on the lake or taking a run on the trails; and yoga! Yoga is definitely key to keeping me sane.

What’s a goal or dream you are currently pursuing: I am currently designing my own swimwear line that will be ready to launch this summer. I plan on expanding into clothing, shoes and accessories as well for women.

To be honest, I just want to dominate and become ‘that’ designer who literally came out of nowhere and just became a household name. It’s beyond just putting a label on an item and calling it a day; it’s more about creating pieces that women are proud to wear and a brand that resonates with their identity.

Favorite thing about the Dirty South: It’s so cliche, but the hospitality. The people down here are so genuine and down to earth. You just can’t find that anywhere else.


I agree Dorothy we are definitely a one of a kind people. Welcome to the club!

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Photo Credit: Dorothy