Micah – #WCW

Today’s Dirty South Club #WCW honors go to the lovely Micah. The full-time student and writer shares with us her favorite things to do as well as what she loves about the Dirty South – besides the Dallas Cowboys of course.

After you read more about her below you should make your way on over to her website www.wideeyesphotography.wordpress.com and take in some of her amazing photos. Welcome to the family Micah!

Name: Micah

Occupation: Full time student and writer.

Hometown: The Dirty D! Dallas the best city in Texas.

Favorite things to do: Hmm well I love traveling but when I’m home here in Dallas I love going to eat. I’m a major foodie and Dallas has some great places. When I’m not doing yoga or taking a break from writing, I’m usually glued to my camera.

I love photography so I’m usually out and about trying to capture whatever catches my eye. I have a lot of super chill friends so I spend a majority of time with them too.

Favorite thing(s) about the Dirty South: The South is the best! My parents are originally from the North but I grew up down here. I love seeing other places and cities but there is nothing better than the South.

People here are friendly, the food is the best, and we have some of the best football teams (go cowboys!) The South is so unique and diverse and full of people from every walk of life and that by far takes the cake.


Micah Nicole Russell

Photo Credit: Micah

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