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The 1-800-Get-Cash design is the introductory piece to the Hustle Hard | Get Paid Collection and rightfully so. The idea for this design stemmed from not valuing my talents and skills enough early on in my careers in music and the corporate world which caused me to do too much for free and not negotiate for higher pay when I should have; as well as from a financial lesson I learned years ago from a client. This client mentioned to me that diversification was not just something for investments but also for different ways of making money. I had never heard anyone explain it as diversifying your income – it blew my mind!

These lessons made me realize a few things. For starters, it’s important to remember that we should always look for ways to turn our skills, talents and knowledge into various money-making opportunities. We can never go wrong having multiple streams of income or having extra income supplement our main income. Diversifying our income and finding various creative ways to produce cash-flow is one of the greatest ways for us to not only be responsible with our talents and skills, but also to productively grow our finances.

Lastly, the lessons helped me realize it’s also important for us to remember to properly value our skills, talents and knowledge otherwise we will continue to give them away for free essentially robbing ourselves and leaving money on the table for things we very well should be compensated for.

So the next time someone solicits your services be sure IF you are going to do it for free that it’s for the right reasons and it positions you to prosper well in the near future. Also remember to assess your skills, talents and knowledge and be sure you are being paid fairly for what you have to offer.

Don’t play yourself and don’t cheat your hustle. 1-800-GET-CASH.

© Carlos Huey for Dirty South Club

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