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Today’s #WCW goes to the stunning, business-minded, funny, and cool Kara Caglianone! The UT at San Antonio student talks about her aspirations to leave her mark on the entertainment industry, her model hustle and women giving too much power to men and not enough to themselves. TUH!

It’s so easy to love her down-to-earth and inviting personality and her realness. You know what, enough introduction let’s dive right in!

What’s your name, where are you from:
Kara Caglianone – from the one & only Houston, Texas!

What do you do & what inspired you to do it:
For the most part, I’m just a student at the University of Texas at San Antonio so I am mainly involved in school since it takes up most of my time. But I aspire to go into the entertainment field. Whether it’s in front of the camera or behind the scenes, I plan on trying to make my mark in that somehow once I graduate.

I’ve been inspired to do it since I can remember. I remember being really young (maybe around 5 or 6) and was actually super embarrassed to tell my friends and family that I wanted to be in front of a camera one day so I’d just tell them I wanted to be a teacher or a chef. I thought they wouldn’t approve or that it wasn’t a realistic dream but I don’t give a f**k now! (LOL)

I was truly inspired in 7th grade though, when I was first introduced to E! News. This was before the Kardashian’s were the only thing circulating in the news so it was actually entertainment news and I fell in love with it and Giuliana Rancic! So yeah, hopefully everything works out so I can take over the entertainment world!

Best business or personal advice you’ve ever received:
Overall, I guess the best piece of advice I’ve received is simply to work hard, stay humble, and always respect myself enough to know my worth and value in order to be the complete boss lady I am. And ALWAYS keep it classy & cool, ladies. Believe in yourself and never stop following your dreams!

But also…To NEVER worry about a man…especially if he is not worried about you. They are only distractions on your road to success, most of the time. I have my own life and my own things going on so if a man (or a BOY actually) is only adding more problems to my life rather than adding peace, then BYE! And if he is not treating you right, then LEAVE. Move on.

I don’t need a man and never will. I want every woman to feel like that, honestly. We give too much power to men and not enough power to ourselves. Time to take back control of your life and regain the power that is always inside of us.

Favorite thing to do for fun:
I love to travel!!!! I’ve only been to a few places since I’ve been so heavily involved with school, but once I’m out… I’m seeing the world! Traveling is everything to me.  As long as I’m having fun and laughing, I’m good. I adore my friends so I love being around them.

Any words of advice or encouragement for those who wish to follow in your footsteps: 

Even though I haven’t quite “made it”, when it comes to my modeling hustle… Be careful ladies! People out there are really trying to take advantage of us women! You have to be incredibly discerning because some photographers just want to get you naked in the name of “art” (when it’s really just TRASH in my opinion) so you gotta know what you want. And be firm. If they aren’t down for your ideas, then move on to another photographer.

But even more important advice – I’m not too good to pay for my shoots. No one should feel like that. Especially since I’m just starting out. I have also been the brains behind every single one of my photo shoots so far and that doesn’t come cheap either. If I have a vision of what I want the shoot to look like, I will search the internet day and night for outfits I want, hair ideas, make up ideas and artists, and then inspiration for the poses come from all sorts of places.

Then I’ll come up with a price for the overall shoot and work my ass off for the money in order for the vision to be realized. Because I simply like quality and to look and be the best in my pics. So I will search for photographers that are not only quality but also look like they can carry out the specific vision I have in mind. And as you can imagine, those people don’t come free.

I never complain either and never will. I just want people to understand the work that goes into what I’ve done so far. It hasn’t been a lot but I’m extremely proud of the products I have gotten with these photographers so everything is everything. And one day I’ll be getting paid rather than paying for everything 😉 but until that day comes, know that everything I put out is earned and not given. Oh and never buy your followers. It’s tacky and obvious!

What do you love most about the Dirty South:
I love the culture and the vibe. Houston is all I’ve ever known. Really the South in general, since Louisiana was a pretty big part of my childhood growing up too. And the diversity is amazing and definitely appreciated by me. The diversity in people, music, food, etc. I love it all!

P.S. – I love that y’all didn’t give up on me even though it took me FOREVER to respond to this. I’m glad y’all see me worthy of this so thanks! I appreciate y’all!

We appreciate you Kara and welcome to the DSC family!


Photo Courtesy of: Kara

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