Carmen Morgan – #WCW

Today’s #WCW goes to My Trainer Carmen! The former Art Teacher is not my official trainer, however, she might as well be. I’ve never understood the trainers who insist on giving all of their clients essentially the same type of workout regardless of their body types and goals. Carmen doesn’t do this and that’s one of the reasons she could definitely be my personal trainer!

What I love about her workouts is that they are various, realistic, affordable and she keeps them creative and fun! Read on as this lovely lady talks about what inspired her to become a Personal Trainer, her favorite things to do for fun and what she loves about the Dirty South.

What’s your name and where are you from:
My name is Carmen Morgan & I’m from Houston!

What inspired you to do what you do:
I’ve always been athletic and kind of a meat-head. I was also bothered by the lack of genuine, dedicated trainers out there, not to mention affordable, which is something I firmly stand by. I understand that I could charge $90 an hour like a lot do, however that is ridiculous to me. How are the masses supposed to benefit? I mean we all need to get healthy!

Just because I do not charge $90 a session, don’t get it twisted. I am very knowledgeable, consistently doing continued education, and will most likely give you the best workout of your life. (Smiley Face)

I was an Art Teacher for 5 years prior to Personal Training full time and I would like to somehow make it back to the schools eventually, on some kind of project. Whether that involves nutrition or fitness or both.

Favorite thing to do for fun:
I really enjoy being outside, anything active like riding a bike, swimming, hiking, walking, and also eating — definitely lots of eating! I love to try new restaurants and Houston has such a spectacular food scene!

Any words of advice or encouragement for those who wish to follow in your footsteps: Please make sure you really want to become a Personal Trainer before you decide to take the leap. Sometimes I feel like people look at Personal Training as a fall back choice, like “oh anyone can be a personal trainer“. That’s simply not true, that’s why there are so many crappy ones out there.

If you are passionate, are going to put in the hours, the education, the practice, then by all means! However, don’t just memorize a text book, pass a test, and think well now I can charge $80 a session. Just don’t. If it’s your passion, you’ll know it, and I welcome you!!

What do you love most about the Dirty South:
Hmm definitely the food, diversity, and the weather! I know it gets rough in the summer, but whatever I will take that sticky, icky, humid summer weather in Houston any day over snow and ice storms. And the food, I mean, I can’t say enough. Houston’s got it all!

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Photos Courtesy of Carmen Morgan