“Do What You Love & Never Stop” – Artist Lauren Marie Breaux Shares Her Vibrant Spirit & Paintings

Some artist paint artwork and others like Lauren Marie paint heart-work. Seeing her paintings you can tell right away she paints with her all pouring her whole heart into them. There’s so much energy and beauty within the artist and the art that you are bound to be drawn in!

I love Lauren’s spirit as well as her work and I know you will too. I’m extremely glad she was willing to take a moment to share her work (and herself) with us here at the club. Read on to learn what inspired her to create such fascinating and colorful pieces and what she loves most about the Dirty South.

What’s your name & where are you from:
My name’s Lauren Marie Breaux, I was born in Lake Charles, LA and am currently living happily in New Orleans.

What do you do & what inspired you to do it:
I’m an artist, I mostly create vibrant paintings of the wonderful beings around me. I strive to capture the way moments and people make me feel through use of color and whimsical brush strokes. I was inspired by my deep need to create, my need to share beautiful creations with others.

I am constantly inspired by the beautiful people around me from close friends to the passer-by I may never see again. I find myself forever grateful that I never have to look far for inspiration.

Best business or personal advice you’ve ever received:
‘Do better’ It’s simple. It implies that you are capable of more, it isn’t meant to be harsh, or sharp, it’s just simple and encouraging. When my day is hard, or I’m frustrated I remind myself to ‘do better’ because I know I can.

Favorite thing to do for fun:
Adventures and frolicking are hands down my favorite activities, Sunday strolls through the french quarter leaving flowers with the street musicians while drinking coffee and enjoying conversation with a close lifer. Picking a direction to drive in and finding something I’ve never seen before or taking a walk in a neighborhood I’ve never fully paid attention to. I guess to put it simply, experiencing life is my favorite thing to do for fun.

Any words of advice or encouragement for those who wish to follow in your footsteps:
Do what you love and never stop! When you’re out there doing, creating, being what you love, the world notices. Not only do they notice, but I think the world needs more of that, always. It doesn’t always happen quickly, and that’s where self-doubt seems to come from, which is something every artist of any medium understands. Just don’t stop. Do what you love, every day, and eventually, the world will notice and they will be happier for it.

What do you love most about the Dirty South:
I could talk for days about my love of the Dirty South. I love the people, goodness do I love the people. I love the culture, I’m a cajun girl and I couldn’t imagine being from anywhere else. I love the botanical heaven that makes up the South, the idea of living somewhere without flowers still blooming in winter, my heart just couldn’t take it.

I even love the heat of summer, where everyone on the street has that good old southern glisten but even the hottest days won’t keep us inside. There’s a special magic down here, and I’m sure everyone feels that way about wherever their heart finds home, but down here… we know, we’ve got something special.

Yes Lauren, we sure do! Connect with Lauren and enjoy more of her work below!





Photo Credit: Lauren Marie