Ariel Vitalia – #WCW

Today’s #WCW goes to sweetieheart Ariel Vitalia, but don’t get it twisted and take her sweetness for weakness. This advocate for women’s defense is not to be played or played with. Ariel may not always have her gun and that’s ok because she’s fit to fight with knives and her body too. She’s the perfect candidate for what we call Bad A**Ness!

Read more on today’s #wcw and find out her favorite thing about the Dirty South below. Welcome to the DSC family Ariel!

Name: Ariel Vitalia

Occupation: Event Manager for a Mobile Intelligence Company. Advocate for Women’s Defense in weapons and close combat.

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Favorite thing about the Dirty South: Originally from Wisconsin, I have to say I’m a fan of the weather and beautiful scenery. Georgia has amazing off-road trails, hiking, and great spots for shooting! There’s always something to do.

Connect with Ariel or get beat down! No just kidding, unless you step to her the wrong way.



Photo Credit: Ariel Vitalia