Felisha Shawntae – #WCW

Today’s #WCW goes to Nurse Felisha! This sweet country girl from Texas talks about her favorite things about the Dirty South – which includes BBQ and who doesn’t love a woman who has a thing for BBQ? Enjoy more from today’s #WCW below and connect with her here.

Name:  Felisha (and don’t say Bye) Wink

Occupation: Nurse by trade, however, I’m currently a corporate trainer for Twin Peaks Restaurant as well as a model and fitness trainer.

Hometown: Rotan, Texas – I’m a country girl!

Favorite thing about the Dirty South: Southern boys and pickup trucks. BBQ and football, the beautiful bright stars at night. I mean let’s be honest, there isn’t anything that I don’t love about being from the South!




Photo Credit: Felisha Shawntae